Securing Lake Toolondo for summer

31 August 2018

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Western Victorians and visitors to the iconic Toolondo Reservoir will benefit from additional water being transferred into one of Victoria’s premier fishing spots.

Minister for Water Lisa Neville announced today around five gigalitres (GL) of water will be released into Lake Toolondo from Rocklands Reservoir from next week – enough to ensure reasonable levels into next year.

The transfer between the two Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water storages won’t impact farmers or other entitlement holders.

The transfer of water to Lake Toolondo is expected to maintain water levels above the fishery reference level of 2.5 metres throughout 2018-19 – sustaining the fishery over summer and into next year.

The trigger to supply Toolondo was recently reached when the recorded volume of water in Rocklands Reservoir passed 116 GL. Transferring the water is also part of normal water management, with Toolondo able to be used in conjunction with Rocklands Reservoir to maximise the efficiency of water storage.

The State Government has been a strong supporter of the Toolondo fishery – delivering on an election commitment to provide water to the Reservoir – with an extra five GL of water supplied in early 2015.

Since then the State Government has worked closely with the local community and stakeholders, and Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water to find ways to ensure healthy water levels in the Reservoir.

The State Government’s Water for Victoria policy acknowledges the recreational values of our water resources and the need to consider these in how we manage water, and the Target One Million plan to get more people fishing also recognises the Lake as an important fishery.

In further support for the fishery since 2014, 48,000 trout have been stocked and $16,000 in funding was provided for the Toolondo boat ramp.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Water Lisa Neville

“A transfer of water to Lake Toolondo will start early next week providing welcome news for locals, and recreational users and anglers from across the region.”

“This is a great example of using our water resources to benefit communities – having a sustainable fishery means social and recreational benefits and a significant boost to the local economy.”

Quote attributable to Agriculture Minister Jaala Pullford

“We know that Toolondo is a trout fishery of national importance and we’ve worked hard to make sure it continues to be a premier destination for freshwater anglers – and a key part of our Target One Million plan.”