Rock lobster program goes digital

08 November 2021

Victoria’s recreational rock lobster tagging program is going digital, making reporting catches even easier for fishers and reducing the environmental footprint of the program by removing plastic tags.

Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) CEO Travis Dowling said the program was launched in 2017 to improve understanding of the annual catch and manage stocks sustainably.

“The program has been very successful with more than 12,000 fishers registering for rock lobster tagging accounts and information provided on over 23,000 catches since it started,” Mr Dowling said.

“In recognising the value of the catch information provided by thousands of fishers, it’s important to keep the program going and make it even more relevant and accessible, so we’re utilising the GoFishVic app to record catch data in the future and streamline the process for fishers by eliminating plastic tags.

“GoFishVic features terrific benefits for fishers including the ability to report catch of all species, add photos, share catch information via social media, view personal catch statistics and receive fishing news and updates.

“Information collected through the program is building our capacity to maintain a healthy fishery for recreational and commercial fishers, and absolutely vital to the long-term sustainability of stocks.

“Reporting is easy and we encourage fishers to get into the habit of reporting their catch as soon as possible. Simply start a new trip in the app, add your catch details, allocate a digital tag, finish your trip and have fun enjoying this brilliant fishery.”

Fishers will need to report their rock lobster catch within 7 days and register the intent to be active for each season via the GoFishVic app prior to targeting rock lobster.

The requirement to tail punch rock lobsters remains unchanged, as do the size limits, bag limits and possession limits. The new reporting platform was made available on 15 September and fishers can start reporting their catch from season opening on 16 November 2021.

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