Fisheries Notices

Fisheries Notices provide an important management tool to implement fisheries management measures promptly and in response to emerging fisheries management issues.

The arrangements put in place by those Fisheries Notices that are in relation to recreational fishing, as well as all other recreational fishing regulations, can be found in the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide.

Fisheries Notices currently in place

Note: A number of rules that were previously set out in Fisheries Notices have been transferred into the new Fisheries Regulations 2019 (which commenced on 1 February 2020). These relate to the management of snapper, Murray cod, yabbies, trout cod, trout, Murray spiny freshwater crayfish, rays, golden perch, and giant crab. These rules (e.g. daily catch limits and size limits) have not changed. As the new regulations are now in place, any redundant Fisheries Notices have been revoked - enacted by the Fisheries (Revocation) Notice 2020.