Wimmera Fishery Management Plan

The Wimmera Fishery Management Plan provides recreational anglers, government agencies and other stakeholders with clear guidance on fisheries management issues in the Wimmera region for at least the next five years.

The area covered by the fishery management plan aligns with the region administered by Wimmera Catchment Management Authority. The Wimmera fishery includes trout fisheries such as Wartook Lake, Bellfield Reservoir and Fyans Lake and native fisheries such as Taylor Lake and the Wimmera River.

The Wimmera Fishery Management Plan outlines ten strategies which include encouraging responsible fishing behaviour, stocking fish, assessing the status of the inland fishery and improving access to fishing areas.

The management plan also describes:

  • The Wimmera fishery
  • The key recreational fishing species found there
  • Current management arrangements
  • Relevant governmental policies
  • The goals, objectives, strategies and actions for managing fishing activities in the region.

It was developed in accordance with Part 3 of the Fisheries Act 1995 and with assistance from a steering committee which had an independent chair and representatives from VRFish, the Fisheries Co-Management Council, GWMWater, the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority, the Barendgi Gadjun Land Council, the Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Co-operative, the department and the Victorian National Parks Association.

All public submissions received through the planning process were considered by the management plan Steering Committee, the Executive Director The Victorian Fisheries Authority and the Minister for Agriculture.

Implementation of the Wimmera Fishery Management Plan will proceed with the assistance of a reference group which will be established shortly.

A copy of the Wimmera Fishery Management Plan is available below or from the department  Customer Service Centre on 136 186.

Wimmera Fishery Management Plan