Summary of submissions table

The public consultation process for the Lake Tyers Fisheries Reserve (LTFR) Management Plan ran from 13 October 2006 until the 15 December 2006. A total of seven submissions were received and considered by the LTFR Management Plan Steering Committee, the Executive Director Fisheries Victoria and the Minister for Agriculture.

Table 1 is a summary of the key issues and the response which was supported by the LTFR Management Plan Steering Committee, the Executive Director Fisheries Victoria and the Minister for Agriculture.

Table 1 - Summary of key issues

Key Issue Response # Submissions
Seasonal closure of parts of the Lake Tyers estuary (including the 'Lime Kilns' area) to recreational fishing to protect spawning black bream

The 'Lime Kilns' area is in the upper Toorloo Arm upstream of the Princes Highway bridge, and as such is outside the Lake Tyers Fisheries Reserve boundary. Introducing bream spawning closures is not considered an appropriate management action at this time for the following reasons:

  • Available scientific evidence collected in recent years does not suggest any significant decline in bream abundance, nor any persistent poor recruitment;
  • The 1994 and 2001 Lake Tyers fisheries assessments found that levels of commercial and recreational fishing pressure existing at the time posed no immediate threat to the sustainability of fish stocks;
  • Overall fishing pressure in Lake Tyers has been reduced by removal of commercial fishing in 2003; and
  • Even if additional protection of black bream stocks from fishing pressure was needed, it is not clear that closing only part of the estuary to bream fishing for part of the year would be the most effective fishery management tool for providing such protection. The effectiveness of other management measures, including changes to catch and or size limits would also need to be evaluated.

The Plan allows for the establishment of angler diary programs and creel surveys to collect information on black bream. The results from these programs will be used to determine whether additional protection for bream stocks is needed, and if so the most appropriate management measures (e.g. size/bag limits, seasonal closures) to ensure the sustainable use of fish resources in Lake Tyers.

Consider changing size and bag limits for dusky flathead

A review of bag and size limits for a number of species (including dusky flathead) is currently being undertaken by Fisheries Victoria and is due to be completed by mid 2008. The LTFR Management Plan allows for information on dusky flathead in Lake Tyers to be considered in this statewide review.

In the future, if monitoring programs in Lake Tyers indicate potential problems for the Lake Tyers dusky flathead stocks, Fisheries Victoria will review rules and or regulations for Lake Tyers in consultation with stakeholders and recreational anglers.

Use of old data in the Management Plan is confusing and not relevant The scientific information used in the development of the Plan was the most recent available that specifically relates to fishing in Lake Tyers. Fisheries Victoria acknowledges that some of this information is dated, which is why initially the main focus of the management plan is to establish monitoring programs to collect more up to date information. 3
Use of local anglers and angling clubs to assist with proposed surveys Both local and visiting anglers will be interviewed and asked to provide fishing information and views as part of the proposed periodic creel surveys. Local anglers will also be encouraged to volunteer to participate in the ongoing angler logbook and research angler programs. 4
Needs to be more research on estuary perch

Feedback from recreational fishers indicated that estuary perch is currently not amongst the most popular target species in Lake Tyers. The limited available resources for Lake Tyers have therefore been focused on black bream and dusky flathead, which were clearly highlighted as the most targeted recreational species through a series of public meetings.

However, Strategy 5 – monitor catch composition and trends for other fisheries species, will allow for some monitoring of recreational catches of estuary perch and other species in the estuary.

Some research on estuary perch is being conducted as part of the implementation of the Anderson Inlet Fisheries Reserve Management Plan. The results of this research may provide a better understanding of the distribution and ecology of this species in other Victorian estuaries, including Lake Tyers.

Establishment and membership of the LTFR Management Plan Reference Group

The Lake Tyers Fisheries Reserve Management Plan Reference Group will be established within 12 months of the declaration of the Plan primarily to oversee the implementation of the Plan.

Comments and views of local stakeholders will be sought through the appointment of a recreational fishing representative to the Reference Group. All submissions collected throughout the development of the Plan will be made available to the Reference Group to assist implementation.