Appendix 5

Goulburn-Broken Fishery Management Plan 2011

Ministerial guidelines for the Goulburn-Broken Fishery Management Plan were published in the Victoria Government Gazette on 15 October 2009 (Victoria Government Gazette 2009b).

Fisheries Act 1995


I, Anthony Hurst, as delegate of the Minister for Agriculture, pursuant to section 28(2) of the Fisheries Act 1995 (the Act) and with consideration of section 3A of the Act, issue the following guidelines with respect to the preparation of a fishery management plan for the Goulburn Broken region.

  1. Fisheries Victoria of the Department of Primary Industries will be responsible for the preparation of the Goulburn Fishery Management Plan. 
  2. This fishery management plan will be prepared with input from all relevant major stakeholders including recreational and Aboriginal fishers in accordance with the approved consultation plan.
  3. The Goulburn Broken region includes inland waters as defined in the Act within the area enclosed by the boundaries of the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority.
  4. This fishery management plan will identify factors including habitat and environmental conditions which may affect the sustainability of fisheries resources. 
  5. The fishery management plan may identify actions to maintain or enhance recreational fishing opportunities.
  6. This fishery management plan may specify appropriate management controls with regard to recreational fishing and may recommend options to assist in managing related activities.
  7. The fishery management plan may identify the research requirements and the monitoring and assessment regime needed to support management decisions that ensure the sustainability of fisheries resources.
  8. This fishery management plan will include processes for reporting on implementation progress to the Victorian community.

Delegate of the responsible Minister:

Anthony Hurst
Acting Executive Director Fisheries Victoria
Dated: 9 September 2009