Appendix 1

Goulburn-Broken Fishery Management Plan 2011

The Goulburn-Broken Fishery Management Plan was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Fisheries Act 1995 (Figure 4) and with the published Ministerial guidelines (Appendix 5). Fisheries Victoria, a division of the department, prepared the management plan with the assistance of a stakeholder-based steering committee which provided advice in relation to the conformance of the management plan with the requirements of the Fisheries Act and assisted in responding to submissions received during public consultation:


  •  Mr Bruce Schumacher

Steering Committee Members

  • Mr Wally Cubbin, VRFish
  • Mr Tim Curmi, Native Fish Australia
  • Ms Judy Dixon, Mansfield Shire
  • Mr Ken Ely, VRFish
  • Mr Geoff Hall, Local recreational fisher and small business owner
  • Mr Mick Hall, Australian Trout Foundation
  • Mr Michael Lea-Whyte, Victorian National Parks Association
  • Ms Julia Menzies, Fisheries Victoria
  • Ms Joy Sloan, Fisheries Victoria
  • Mr Greg Smith, Goulburn-Murray Water
  • Mr Wayne Tennant, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority

Executive Officer

  • Mr Bill Lussier, Fisheries Victoria

Diagram showing Fishery Management Plan Development Process. Shows that the Ministerial guidelines are issued and go to the Initial Steering Committee meeting. Then there are public meetings and Steering Committee meetings. Then Announcement of Minister's intention to declare the Fishery Mangement Plan and 60 public comment period. Then final Steering Committee meeting. minister declares Fishery Mangement Plan and the plan is published.