Goulburn-Broken Fishery Management Plan 2011

Fisheries Victoria wishes to thank the following organisations which assisted in developing this fishery management plan by nominating representatives to the Goulburn-Broken Fishery Management Plan steering committee: the Australian Trout Foundation; Native Fish Australia; VRFish; the Victorian National Parks Association; the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority; Goulburn-Murray Water and the Mansfield Shire.

Fisheries Victoria would like to thank the members of the steering committee for their time, effort and valuable input: Bruce Schumacher (Steering Committee Chair); Wally Cubbin (VRFish); Tim Curmi (Native Fish Australia); Judy Dixon (Mansfield Shire); Ken Ely (VRFish); Geoff Hall (local business operator); Mick Hall (Australian Trout Foundation); 

Michael Lea-Whyte (Victorian National Parks Association); Julia Menzies (Fisheries Victoria); Greg Smith (Goulburn-Murray Water); Wayne Tennant (Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority); Joy Sloan (Fisheries Victoria) and Bill Lussier (Fisheries Victoria).

Fisheries Victoria also wishes to acknowledge the members of the public and the organisations who attended public meetings and made submissions during the consultation stages of developing this fishery management plan.