Giant spider crab catch limits

In 2021 the VFA  introduced a reduced daily recreational catch and possession limit of 15 spider crabs, including giant spider crabs, across Victorian waters.

The reduce limit of 15 giant spider crabs better balances spider crab values and more equitably shares spider crabs among fishers and other stakeholders.

All other recreational fishing rules that apply to spider crabs remain unchanged. You can find these fishing rules by clicking here:

Giant spider crabs are valued by many Victorians for different reasons, including recreational diving and fishing.

Some stakeholders have called for closure of recreational fishing from the popular crab aggregation at Rye and Blairgowrie piers. This is the only well-known aggregation that is regularly accessible to pier-based recreational divers and fishers. Its closure would effectively bring an end to recreational spider crab fishing, which is focused at these piers and is valued by parts of our multicultural fishing community.

The giant spider crab aggregation at Rye and Blairgowrie piers can be shared and enjoyed by divers, fishers and other community members with appropriate management and fishing rules.

Click here to find out about the education, management and research initiatives being delivered by the VFA, with other agencies, for the upcoming giant spider crab aggregation season.