What to expect during a VFA inspection

What to expect in a Victorian Fisheries Authority inspection

What are Fisheries Officers allowed to do?

VFA's Fisheries Officers are allowed to enter your workplace. They must carry official Victorian Fisheries Officer identification and produce it for inspection.

Fisheries Officers have the right to:

  • ask you, your employees or other people questions
  • take photographs, recordings and measurements
  • search any premises or vehicles
  • take items away with them for examination, testing or for use as evidence
  • ask to see your documents, make copies or take the documents
  • call in other people to assist them, including technical or scientific experts, interpreters or police officers.

What happens if the I am thought to committing an offence?

If the Fisheries Officer believes you or your business have committed an offence they will:

  • explain the nature of the alleged offence
  • request your full name and home address
  • invite you to participate in an interview
  • advise you of the likely course of action.

What are the compliance options used by fisheries officers?

Options range from providing education material to prosecutions. Where it is apparent that a breach of the legislation has occurred, the VFA will take appropriate action depending on the severity of the offence.

Options include:

  • education
  • verbal and official (written) warnings
  • infringement notice
  • prosecution
  • cancellation of a licence or permit.

What if I disagree with a Fisheries Officer's decision?

If you disagree with an inspector's findings, you can apply for a review of an inspector's decision.