Enforcement priorities 2014-2015

Each year The Victorian Fisheries Authority establishes a set of enforcement and education programs that help to shape the direction of our enforcement and education activities for the year. In 2014-2015 the enforcement and education priorities are:

1.       Criminal: Detect, investigate, disrupt and dismantle serious organised fisheries criminal activity, including the black market in high value fish species

2.       Commercial: Ensure the accuracy of catch and effort reporting in commercial licence and permit holders, and detect and prevent quota fraud

3.       Recreational: Police peak periods and locations of concentrated non-compliance and high-volume activity, including:
- Snapper season in Port Phillip Bay, Westernport, Corner Inlet and the Gippsland Lakes;
- Southern Blue fin tuna season on the West coast;
- Invertebrate collection in the inter-tidal zone.

4.       Continue to develop the strategic risk-based approach to fisheries compliance

5.       Deliver school term and holiday activity programs at the Queenscliff Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre

6.       Develop strategic relationships and networks with schools and high-risk communities

7.       Promote voluntary compliance in Victoria

8.       Deliver fisheries education services in Victoria

9.       Contribute to the delivery of state-wide priorities defined in Control Strategy

10.    Create a general deterrence through commercial and recreational inspections

11.    Maintain the increased level of fisheries patrols outside of normal business hours

12.    Policing unlawful fishing in marine national parks and marine sanctuaries

13.    Contribute to the 13FISH reporting line function to deliver high quality service to stakeholders 365 days per year, 24 hours a day.

14.   Provide Fisheries Officers to attend specified strategic Education events