Fisheries (Ray Protection) Consultation Notice 2017

Consultation title

Fisheries (Ray Protection) Notice 2017

Representative group/s and/or persons being consulted

  • Commercial wild-catch (Seafood Industry Victoria)
  • Recreational fishing  (VRFish, Future Fish, Rex Hunt)
  • Project Banjo Action Group (via PT Hirschfield)
  • Environment (Environment Victoria, VNPA, Sheree Marris)
  • Boating Industry Association of Victoria

Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA)'s Facebook page will also be used to inform individual recreational fishers that the draft Fisheries Notice is open for consultation.

Managing officer

Jo Klemke, Principal Policy Analyst

Target start date

19 June 2017

Target end date

14 August 2017

Background / history

A new Fisheries Notice is being proposed in response to community concern about the socially unacceptable treatment of rays and skates by some recreational fishers at piers and jetties in Port Phillip Bay and Western Port. This concern has largely been directed through a social media campaign by the Project Banjo Action Group, which is led by PT Hischfield.   

Relevant Statutory provision

Statutory consultation with stakeholders under Section 3A of the Fisheries Act 1995 is required prior to the Minister or delegate making decisions related to Fisheries Notices.


To seek comment on the draft Fisheries Notice.


Consultation on the proposed Fisheries Notice will be promoted via letters to the persons/groups noted in section 2 (above) of this consultation plan and the departmental website. Fisheries Victoria will also social media to promote the opportunity for consultation on the draft fisheries notice to the wider stakeholder community. Fisheries Victoria will also explore the feasibility of using a Facebook poll to gather stakeholder views alongside the formal submission process.

Communication plan

Decisions regarding the Fisheries Notice will be communicated through notices published in the Victoria Government Gazette and the departmental website.

Letters informing stakeholders of decisions will be sent to all persons/groups noted in section 2 (above).

Changes to recreational fishing regulations will be included in the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide and app, and communicated through VFA's education programs. Temporary signage on key fishing piers will also be considered.

Information provision

Stakeholders will be provided with a copy of the proposed Fisheries Notice.

Resources/advice (inc. purchase of advice)

Internal resources of VFA.

Output (documentation / implementation)

Letters to stakeholders; notices published in the Victoria Government Gazette; the website.

Publication of results of consultation

Any submissions received in relation to the consultation being conducted by VFA will be published on the Authority's website. In making a submission, unless the person making the submission indicates to the contrary, they will be consenting to their submission, including their name only, being published on the Authority's website for 90 days from the conclusion of the consultative process.