Fisheries Officer eligibility requirements

To be eligible to work as a Fisheries Officer in Victoria you must be able to meet all of the following requirements:

  • hold Australian Citizenship or have Australian Permanent Residency
  • Demonstrate good character and reputation. The VFA conducts extensive background checks on applicants during the   selection process in line with the Victoria Police Prior history Guidelines (these guidelines can be found online on the Victoria Police website).  

    Note – if you are concerned that your prior history may affect your application, you can disclose this information voluntarily prior to submitting your application for consideration by our recruitment team to
  • Meet minimum medical requirements. You will be required to complete the VFA’s pre-employment medical assessment prior to appointment.

    Note – for more information regarding the VFA’s medical guidelines please click here for a PDF copy (Medical and Physical information fact sheet).  If you are concerned that a pre-existing medical condition may affect your application, you can submit an inquiry to our recruitment team prior to submitting your application-
  • Meet the VFA’s fitness requirements for fisheries officers prior to appointment which includes:

    (i) physical capability assessment (swim test) – the ability to swim 100metres continuously unaided and completion of a number of water safety and survival exercises in a swimming pool. For further information about the type of water safety/survival exercises that will be completed please check this PDF  - Water Safety proficiency exercise outline

    (ii) physical capability assessment (field hike test) - This assessment involves completing a hike (under controlled conditions) of 3.22km carrying an 11.3kg pack in no more than 30:00 minutes.
  • You must have an appropriate level of literacy /numeracy/ English communication skills to function as an Authorised officer. One of the fundamental skills that you will need to demonstrate as an applicant, is your ability to communicate well in English. This means having the ability to read, write, listen and verbally communicate in English at a level that will allow you to competently carry out the duties of a fisheries officer.

    Note: The VFA is also particularly interested in applicants with bilingual communication skills who can talk to a member of the public in their native language.
  • Provide proof of educational qualifications if under 21. Applicants must be minimum of 18 years of age to apply for a fisheries officer role. If you are under 21 years of age, you must have passed the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), senior level Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) or equivalent prior to applying. For applicants over the age of 21,   full education and employment history will need to be provided as part of your application.
  • Successfully pass the VFA entrance requirements which involves literacy and numeracy testing, psychometric/personality   profile assessments, VicRoads licence history check, National Police Records check and conflict of interest declaration.

    Note: The initial literacy/numeracy assessments undertaken by shortlisted candidates are scored against the Australian Core   Skills Framework (ACSF) – the Australian standards for adult literacy and numeracy.
  • Must hold an unrestricted current Australian drivers Licence (conditions I and V are not acceptable for employment) – a probationary licence is acceptable. A manual or automatic licence is acceptable.
  • Must declare all associations. During the selection process you will be asked to declare any associations. An inappropriate association is an association with a person or organisation suspected of, or known to be engaged in, or have a history of, unlawful activity. An association may also be something that is perceived to have a conflict of interest with the work of the VFA or is something that could  reasonably raise an expectation of a conflict of interest. Some associations will reflect on community perceptions of your integrity and your ability to use authority with integrity. They may also put you in a position where associates attempt to ask you to forgo your duty or otherwise compromise your integrity as an employee of the VFA.
  • Failure to disclose any information in the application   process may result in your application not proceeding or subject you to   termination of employment.
  • Must obtain an appropriate First aid certification (eg. Apply First Aid) and complete a Working with Children’s check prior to appointment. Note – these are not required for your application, however if you are successful at gaining employment as a fisheries officer you must provide evidence of both prior to your employment commencing.
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