Rocklands video transcript

[VICTORIA State Government - Rocklands Reservoir Native Fish Stocking - Good for Business]

Male - Western Hotel - Balmoral

[Vision:  Western Hotel - men in hotel being served a beer]

I think the new stockings of all the species will be fantastic for this community.

Female - Balmoral Community Store

[Vision:  Balmoral Community Store - female speaking]

I think it will make a difference once we increase tourism and campers out there and they've got to come to the shop to buy stuff.

[Vision:  Takeaway food shop]

Male with sunglasses

[Vision:  Female serving customer in takeaway shop]

I think it will make a difference to our business.

With more people in town there's going to be more money spent and the whole town will get better.

[Vision:  Cabin]

Young male from fishing club

[Vision:  Fish stocking taking place]

I am looking forward to the day I catch that big yellow belly or cod.

Male with white hat from fishing club

This idea we think will be just absolutely fantastic.

[Vision:  View of water - young male from fishing club speaking]

I'd love to see more people out here enjoying this wonderful part of the country we have.

The whole community is going to benefit from it.

[Vision:  Welcome to Balmoral sign]

[Vision:  Male from Western Hotel speaking]

The whole town will start growing from it.

[Target One Million - More Victorians fishing, more often]

Fisheries Victoria - VICTORIA State Government