Jamieson River tree planting transcript

[Vision:  Aerial view of Goulburn and Jamieson Rivers - Victoria]

[Vision:  Trout anglers]

Trout fishing's important to Victoria

Thousands of people go fishing for trout each year.

It's a healthy recreational activity.

And it provides significant economic benefits to regional Victoria.

[Vision:  Members of associations gathering to plant trees]

In 2014 the Victorian Fisheries Authority and recreational fishers worked together to establish the Wild Trout Fisheries Management Program.

[Vision:  Aerial view of Goulburn and Jamieson Rivers]

The wild trout program is a collection of projects aimed at better understanding our trout fisheries and what we can do to improve them.

A key finding from the wild trout program was that trout are vulnerable to hot summers and rising water temperatures.

[Vision:  Man planting tree beside river - aerial view of river showing planting happening]

However, by improving streamside shading by planting trees we can buffer water temperatures and make it more suitable for trout during hot periods.

Jim Castles - Goulburn Broken CMA

I'm Jim Castles from the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and we're here today planting trees on the Jamieson and Goulburn Rivers which are obviously in the Goulburn Broken catchment.

[Vision:  People planting trees beside river]

So this day is funded through the Victorian Government's Regional Riparian Action Plan.

And, it's part of the Angler Riparian Partnership Program.

[Vision:  Aerial view of planting beside river]

So we're lucky enough to have really good relationships with some angling groups in our area and VR Fish.

So we've got the Australian Trout Foundation, Victoria Fly Fishing Association, Mansfield and District Fly Fishers have worked closely with us on these projects.

[Vision:  Man watering newly planted tree]

So it's just fantastic to see everyone here, and thanks to the Victorian Government for the funding.

[Vision:  Aerial view of river - view of river]

Kris Leckie - VR Fish

The benefits of what we're doing here today include improved water quality, an increase in biodiversity, and overall a much better fishery for recreational anglers.

[Vision:  Adults and children planting trees - aerial view of planting - trout angler]

Erhan Cinar - Australian Trout Foundation

Hi, I'm Erhan Cinar from the Australian Trout Foundation and Southern Fly Fishers.

We're on the Jamieson River today planting trees on the back of the Wild Trout Management Program.

[Vision:  River bank showing planting]

Graham Godber - Mansfield & District Fly Fishers Club

I'm Graham Godber.  I'm the President of the Mansfield and District Fly Fishers Club, which of course is a local club here, quite close here to Jamieson.

[Vision:  People planting trees on the river bank]

And here we are today.

A number of our members, half a dozen of us, are here today to assist in this planting effort, this revegetation effort.

[Vision:  Aerial view of rivers showing planting - angler catching fish and releasing]

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