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Other items

Project No.   Department Region Project category Proponent Project site Type of waters Project duration Proposal Funding Other contributions/ comments
IR/04/0171 State-wide  Not applicable Fishcare East Gippsland Inc. State-wide  State-wide  3 yrs. Establishment grant and base level funding; 3 rd and final year of funding. Total project funding of up to $340,000. $101,179.24 Nil financial contributions.

Sub-total $101,179.24

Proposal to fund RFL sales commission not claimed Proposal Funding

$22,176.87 Excludes RFL sales commission receipts not submitted by licence sellers.

Sub-total $22,176.87

Sub-total $3,783,069.81

Proposal to fund 2011/12's approved Recreational Fishing Grants Program projects and emerging recreational fisheries issues in 2011/12 Proposal Funding


Total $5,999,116.40

Balance remaining $0.00

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