AIFR Table 3

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Costs of Implementation

Costs of establishing the required fishery monitoring and research programs, and potential funding sources, are described in Table 3 in the 'Research and Monitoring' section of the AIFRMP. Costs for regulatory amendment processes and implementation of fisheries compliance activities in the Anderson Inlet Fisheries Reserve will be met within the Fisheries Program budget allocation.

Table 3. Summary of fishery and fish habitat monitoring/research projects required to address the Management Plan objectives.

Project NumberProjectRelevant StrategyResponsibilityKey partnersTotal Estimated Cost ($)Potential Funding SourcesMaximum contribution by Fisheries Victoria ($)
1Recreational fisher log book program1, 2, 4, 5Fisheries VictoriaRecreational fishers16,000 per annumRFL Trust AccountN/A
2Access point creel survey program1, 2, 4, 5Fisheries VictoriaRecreational fishers37,000 per annual surveyRFL Trust AccountN/A
3Catch sampling to provide size/age structure data for key target species.5Fisheries VictoriaRecreational fishers, PIRVic5,000 per annumRFL Trust Account2,500 per annum
4Fishery-independent pre-recruit surveys of estuary perch.5Fisheries VictoriaPIRVic30,000 per survey

Fisheries Victoria program budget


5Fish/habitat association survey.7Fisheries VictoriaWGCMA Parks Victoria, PIRVic, local government.40,000 per survey

Regional Catchment Investment Program