VFA's research on Giant Spider Crab catch and fishing experience

The Blairgowrie / Rye Giant Spider Crab aggregation is a wonderful natural asset in Port Phillip Bay which is popular and accessible. Enjoyment of the Giant Spider Crab aggregation is shared by recreational fishers, divers and tourists.

Fishing Survey

The VFA will be surveying fishers during this year’s aggregation to find out more about their Giant Spider Crab fishing, fishing experience and catch.

We are inviting all anglers who have fished for Giant Spider Crab this year, or in the past, to assist us to by completing this short survey. By completing the survey, you can go in the running to win a  free kids fishing rod!

Click this survey link to help us understand your fishing (english).

Click this survey link to help us understand your fishing (蜘蛛蟹捕捞问卷调查)

Fisheries officers on Rye / Blairgowrie pier during this year’s aggregation will be asking anglers a short series of survey questions.

VFA staff will also be kindly asking anglers to participate in a creel survey, to enable us to conduct some biological research to look at size and sex etc of the Giant Spider Crab catch

GoFish Victoria App

We are also encouraging anglers to download the free GoFish Victoria app.  And use to it report on whether, where and how many Giant Spider Crabs you catch on your own fishing trips at any time of year, across Victorian waters.

You can find out more about the GoFish App, and how to download it for free.

Recording you spider crab catch

To record your Giant Spider Crab catch on a fishing trip you just need to select ‘Other’ in the species list.
And then type ‘Giant Spider Crab’ in the text box that pops up.

You can then enter the number of crabs that you caught on the trip and the size of each one.

This diagram shows how to measure the crab: