Giant Spider Crab Distribution

Giant Spider Crabs are known to have a wide distribution across south-eastern Australian marine waters.  They are common in shallow water but have been found to 820m deep.

Aggregations occur in multiple locations in Victoria’s nearshore waters, in Gippsland Lakes and further afield in Tasmania and South Australia. The aggregations seem to return to some shallow water areas year after year but can then move on.

This distributional knowledge is based on information from scientists and others about where Giant Spider Crabs have been seen.

Finding out more about Giant Spider Crab distribution patterns in Victorian waters

The VFA is inviting Victorian recreational divers to assist us to build a more detailed picture of local Giant Spider Crab distributional patterns in our local waters. Just by sharing information on the Giant Spider Crabs that you see on your normal recreational dives over time.

The VFA will use this information to create broad scale map/s. It will also assist in planning future Giant Spider Crab research.

Just use the link below to let us know whether, where and how many (<10, 10-100 or >100) Giant Spider Crabs you saw on your recreational dive, at any time of year.  You can complete a separate survey for each dive that you would like to share with us.

Please complete the form even for your dives when you see no crabs!

Click to report where you see Giant Spider Crabs.

You can also use the text field to provide any other Giant Spider Crab observations you would like to share with us.