VFA's research on Giant spider crab distribution and lifecycle

Some  knowledge gaps remain about the ecology and natural values of Giant Spider Crabs and their aggregations. This is the case for many marine species. Species with planktonic life stages or living in deeper water are especially difficult and expensive to study.

2020 Preliminary Study

The VFA is continuing to work with stakeholders to pursue further research funding on giant spider crab life cycles e.g. FRDC, ARC and RFL. We will also consider future options to support for honours or PhD studies by universities.  This year we are getting started on some preliminary research that will assist us to plan these future studies.

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Your observations are important

Natural history observations by the many divers, snorkelers, fishers and beachgoers who value giant spider crabs will continue to be an important and valuable resource.

This year, the VFA is inviting recreational divers to assist us with some Giant Spider Crab information while doing your normal recreational dives.  We will bring together the information that you share with us and collate it at an aggregated scale.   Updated fact sheets will be posted on our webpage as knowledge of Giant Spider Crabs grows.

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