Bait and berley rules

VR Fishing Guide

Berley is any plant or animal tissue or extract that is placed in the water for the purpose of attracting fish.

Berley must not be used to attract fish for any purposes other than as part of a fishing operation.

You must not use more than 10 litres of berley to assist in the taking of shark.

Mammal Blood or offal

The use of berley that contains mammal blood or offal in Victorian waters to attract any species of fish is prohibited. This does not apply to bait pellets that contain mammal blood or offal.

Bait restrictions

Undersize fish

You must not use undersize fish as bait in Victorian waters.

Noxious fish

You must not use live noxious fish (including carp and goldfish) as bait in Victorian waters.

Fish ova

You must not use fish ova, or any form of uncooked trout or salmon, as bait or berley to take or attempt to take any species of fish in Victorian waters.


Frogs' eggs, tadpoles and frogs – dead or alive – are protected wildlife under the Wildlife Act 1975 and must not be used as bait in Victorian waters.

Protected fish

You must not use as bait, any fish protected under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988, unless an authorisation has been made under that Act.