Golden tag competition terms and conditions

  1. Prizes are only redeemable for fish caught during the period of the golden tag promotion (after the announced start date of the promotion and before the end date of the promotion).
  2. Anglers are required to:
    • record the location and length of the fish;
    • photograph the fish with the tag still in place;
    • Remove the tag by cutting it off with a sharp knife or scissors and store it in a safe place (fish can be kept or released; for released fish, carefully cut the tag off close to the fish’s skin);
    • Call the phone number on the tag and report these details.
  3. The first ten $10,000 prizes are limited to one prize per individual angler.
  4. Prizes are only eligible to fishers that use legal recreational fishing equipment and adhere to the current Victorian fishing regulations.
  5. All Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) contractors and staff members (including direct family) are excluded from winning the golden tag prizes.
  6. The angler agrees that on claiming a prize they may be required to be become part of the promotion of the golden tag.
  7. The VFA will pay only one winning prize on any individual tag number.
  8. The tag must be retained by the angler until the VFA verifies the capture.
  9. The winner of a prize will be required to sign a declaration including the date and location of the capture and compliance with the golden tag rules.