Fish in Farm Dams

Golden perch fingerlings
Golden perch fingerlings

Stocking fish in farm dams for personal use, such as recreational fishing, is a popular and rewarding pastime in Victoria.

However, it is important to stock the appropriate species of fish for your area. Fish that are local to your area are more likely to survive and thrive in your dam.

It is also important that the fish you intend to stock are healthy and disease free, otherwise you could spread disease to your local waterway and lose all your fish to disease.

Stocking your dam with the wrong species of fish could cause serious environmental and economic damage if they were to escape into nearby waterways. European carp is only one example of inappropriate fish stocking that has damaged Victoria's waterways.

If there are no native fish species suitable for your region, you may want to consider stocking brown or rainbow trout if they are established in nearby public waterways.

Fish in Farm Dams Information provides additional information on stocking fish in farm dams.

If you decide you would like to stock your farm dam, please view the legal requirements for stocking fish in farm dams.