Wild Harvest Seafood Festival Mallacoota

Funded by the Victorian Fisheries Authority and the East Gippsland Shire, and run by the local community, Wild Harvest Seafood festival offers something new for everyone.

The Wild Harvest Seafood Festival aims to highlight the unique abundance and variety of seafood in East Gippsland and surrounding regions.

It is a celebration of the natural fruits of the land and sea, and the indigenous custodians that have been connected with this land for thousands of years.

Just as Mallacoota lies off the beaten path, so too does the produce available at the Wild Harvest Seafood Market.

Come try locally caught abalone, fresh samphire, or even an urchin infused beer for those who are not faint of heart! Come and discover some of Australia's freshest and most outstanding local seafood, produce, beer and wine surrounded by the beauty of the Wilderness Coast.

Important information

When: Friday 25 September - Sunday 27 September

Where: Mallacoota, Victoria

What to expect

For a full list of activities on offer at Wild Harvest Seafood Festival, click here.