Our Native Fish Revolution

From Spears, Traps & Set-Lines To Baitcasters and Swimbaits

Presented by Steve 'Starlo' Starling

There's been a quiet revolution in public attitudes regarding Australia's inland native fish species over the past three or four decades. These unique fish — and especially the mighty Murray cod — are no longer regarded as an easily-harvested commodity, nor as a poor second-best to introduced trout and salmon. Today, we're in the midst of a genuine Murray cod renaissance: one driven by passionate anglers and committed environmental crusaders (who are often one in the same person!).

In my keynote address to the 2017 Murray Codference, I look back at the chequered history and mixed fortunes of our embattled freshwater natives — from the time of European settlement to the present day — and offer some thoughts on what the future might possibly hold for these remarkable fish, and for people like myself who care deeply about them.