Our native fisheries are unique and well loved by anglers far and wide. Whether its chasing Murray cod  in our snaggy lowland rivers, catching springtime golden perch in Lake Eildon or, wrestling a catfish out of the Wimmera river, native fish are special.

Our Target One Million program is helping to rebuild native fisheries as we stock record numbers of native fish, improve fishing access and work with other agencies to improve fish habitat.

Here are some examples of what we're doing to improve native fisheries:

  • We have increased native fish stocking to four million fish a year. This includes 300,000 bass into Gippsland waters this summer, 100,000 golden perch and 50,000 cod into Cairn Curran and 60,000 cod and golden perch into Lake Boga.
  • We are on track to stock 400,000 native fish at Rocklands Reservoir this summer and we are establishing a high quality stocked estuary perch fishery in Devilbend Reservoir. We have opened trout cod fisheries at Lakes Sambell and Kerferd.
  • We have created new boating access at Blue Rock Reservoir and boating access and a jetty extension at Devilbend Reservoir.
  • For the first time we are stocking 12 northern family friendly waters with silver perch and we have delivered six Vic Fish Kids events to encourage young fisher participation.
  • And the Angler Riparian Partnership Program is restoring fish habitat and there is now an on-line searchable fish stocking data base for recreational fishers.

It's great to see Victorian native fish anglers working closely with the Victorian Fisheries Authority and other agencies to build our trout fisheries.

The Andrews Labor Government is serious about developing our recreational fisheries and has committed a record $46 million toward these and other Target One Million projects that will create a legacy for many years to come.

I wish every native fish angler the best of luck this season and I hope you will get a lot out of the Murray Codference.

Jaala Pulford
Minister for Agriculture