Codference 2017

Come along to our 2nd free conference about Murray cod and native fish.

It's a great chance to improve your native fish knowledge and angling success.

Conference topics include:Murray Cod

  • Record native fish stocking in Victoria
  • Keynote address from Steve Starling on the native fish revolution
  • Flagship native fisheries and how we got there
  • Robbie Alexander on fishing the Ovens River
  • Native fish habitat partnerships
  • Better fish habitat in lakes
  • John Cahill on cod culture.
  • Marc Ainsworth on native fishing lessons hard earned
  • How fishing licence fees contribute to improving native fisheries
  • Monitoring our native fisheries
  • Koi herpes and the post-carp plan.

We'll also outline how the State Government is investing $46 million into the Target One Million plan to grow participation and get more people fishing, more often.


Sunday 10 December 2017, from 9am until 4pm


Eastbank Conference Centre, 70 Welsford St, Shepparton.


To reserve a free seat visit

Registering helps us plan seating and catering, which will include lunch and refreshments.

Seats are limited so register early.