Education delivery 2012

Education activities October 2012- December 2012

Students getting hands-on experience touching a starfish
Education Unit provided education programs to 129 schools and 10,150 students during the quarter.

For the year to date, education programs have been provided to 13926 students from 176 schools.

Fisheries Education staff also delivered structured education programs about responsible fishing to the following community groups:

  • Getaway Support
  • Wyndem Community group
  • Halls Outdoors
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Ocean Grove Walking group
  • Bell Community Health
  • Expeditioners
  • La Trobe University.

Fisheries Education & Enforcement Branch staff also attended the following community engagement events:

  • November 2012 Lake Boga Fishing Competition
  • November 2012 Cobden Family Fishing Day

Education activities July 2012 - September 2012

2,841 members of the general public attended the following planned events delivered by the Fisheries Education and Enforcement staff:

  • CSIRO Science Week at Federation Square in Melbourne (August)
  • Hamilton Sheepvention (August)
  • Trout opening-fish stocking at Alexandra (September)
  • Vietnamese Children's Festival
  • 4x4 and Fishing show in Melbourne

344 members of the general public visited Fisheries Education's Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. In addition, Fisheries Education Officers provided education programs to 47 schools and 3,776 students.