Burnanga: The Mighty Murray Cod

Why the name Burnanga?

Well, it is one of my many indigenous names.

The Yorta Yorta people call me this. They call the mighty river I live in Djungala. You may know it as the Murray River.

You will have been in Yorta Yorta country if you have visited Cohuna, Echuca, Shepparton, Benalla, Corowa, Wangaratta or Deniliquin.

Why am I telling you my story?

Because I want you to know:

  • how special I am (in oh so many ways and to oh so many people)
  • how important I am to the environment and how important the environment is to my kind
  • how you humans are helping to restore my homes and rebuild my numbers, AND
  • about some hot fishing spots where you can try to catch us.

So I have written a little book that gives you the basics.

  1. To learn more about me and my kind, download and read my book
  2. Have fun with my Murray Cod activity booklet
  3. For some hot fishing tips download my tip sheet