Murray cod fishing methods and rules

Murray cod fishing methods and rules

This table provides a general overview of the major fishing methods, rules and management arrangements that apply to the take of Murray cod in Victoria. Commercial fishing for Murray cod is currently prohibited in Victoria.

For further detail, please refer to the Fisheries Regulations 2009.

More information on recreational fishing methods and rules for Murray cod can also be found at: Recreational fishing in Victoria.

More information on the National recovery plan can be found on the Department of the Environment and Energy website.

Fishing methods

Victorian stock

Recreational and Indigenous

Rod and reel


Hand line


Traditional gear


Fishing rules


Recreational and Indigenous

Bag and possession limits
(in, on or next to Victorian waters)

1 per day in rivers

2 per day in specified lakes and impoundments

Absolute state-wide possession limit of 5 or <30 kg in any other form anywhere in Victoria. High penalties apply as Murray Cod is regulated as a priority species.

Minimum size

Maximum size

55 cm

75 cm

Gear restrictions

Two lines per person and no more than two hooks or 1 bait jig per line. Commercial fishing equipment (set lines, mesh nets and drum nets) are prohibited

Spatial closures
(e.g. prohibited areas)

Fishing prohibited in specific locations.

Temporal closures
(e.g. seasons)

1 September – 30 November inclusive (except Lake Eildon)

Management framework


Management plan

None (There is a National recovery plan for the Murray Cod)

Recent research

Review of Murray cod bag and size limit scenarios 2012.