Giant crab fishing methods and rules

This table provides a general overview of the major fishing methods, rules and management arrangements that apply to the take of giant crab in Victoria. There is currently no recreational take of giant crab in Victoria.

For further detail, please refer to the Fisheries Regulations 2009

More information on the management of the commercial giant crab fishery, including catch statistics, fishing methods and total allowable commercial catch can be found at: Commercial giant crab fishery.

Fishing methods

Victorian component of south-eastern Australian stock


Baited pots


Recreational and Indigenous

No take

Fishing rules



Licence classes accessing the stock

Giant Crab Fishery (Western Zone) Access Licence, but this can only be operated when joined to a Rock Lobster Fishery (Western Zone) Access Licence.

Limited entry 
(i.e. maximum number of licences)


Minimum size

15 cm

Gear restrictions

Pot specifications
Maximum number of pots

Total Allowable Catch


Number of quota units


Number of pots

Maximum of 140 per boat

Spatial closures
(e.g. prohibited areas)

Marine National Parks

Marine Sanctuaries

Temporal closures
(e.g. seasons)

Male = 1 June to 15 Nov inclusive
Female = 1 Sept to 15 Nov inclusive

Vessel Monitoring System

Not required

Product movement requirements
(e.g. sales receipts)

Catch disposal records

Catch and effort reporting

Within 20 minutes of landing

Fishing notifications


Restricted landing locations

Management zones

Western Zone: Apollo Bay (143°40'E) west to SA border and south to 40°S.

Recreational and Indigenous

No take

Management framework


Management plan

Victorian Giant Crab Management Plan